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This page is dedicated to giving simple bullet-point tips to both new and experienced players with new ideas, work-arounds, and 'hacks' to assist in building your empire.

Settlements -If you choose to make a village in a mountainous region, consider building walls in-between highlands, as both serve as an impenetrable barrier to stopping Masklings.

-When creating a new village, always bring 2 migrant groups; as of 2.0 each migrant group equates to 1 citizen, yet you need 2 to get the natural growth ball going (1 to farm the field, another to man the bakery). In some cases you may get lucky with a random foreign migrant group asking to join yet those cases are rare (at least for me).

-When building barracks, don't bother sending out the weak level 1 units, just spend 10 bronze to get them to level 2 or you won't stand a chance againsed the Masklings.

-Don't build a settlement on a swamp unless your a madman.


-Think like Alexander the great; would a general actually send just 1 unit into a known Maskling infested area? Of course not. Would a general only send in spearmen and not bother to back them up with archers(or vice versa)? Nope, he would put them in pairs; 1 melee unit in front to take the enemy head-on while the ranged unit would sit nice and comfy 100+ feet away, raining copper-tiped arrows on them while gnawing on some homemade wheat-bread.

-Always send at least 1 unit ahead of a migrant group, to both scout the area for the perfect settlement location and kill any possible Maskling warbands that are lurking in the area.


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