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Almost everything in Bronze Age requires one resource or another. Your citizens will automatically produce these and carry them to where they are needed in a settlement. Your primary concern is to make sure they have access to the Resources they need, and in sufficient supply.


Mudbrick is the basic construction material for pretty much every structure in Bronze Age. It is created at a Brickworks.


Wheat is grown at a Farm, and is used to create Food at a Bakery.


Food is created at a Bakery from Wheat. It is consumed by your citizens and warriors. As of 2.0, food isn't required to keep existing citizens alive, yet is if you want to naturally increase your town's population.


Logs are created by cutting down trees. Your citizens will automatically cut down trees near your settlement as needed, but you can also manually order trees to be cut down though the Work Settings menu.


Wood is created by cutting up Logs at a Lumberyard. Wood is used for a variety of upgrades and constructing some large buildings.

Copper Ore[edit]

Copper ore can be found in patches around the world, usually in rocky or mountainous areas. It can be harvested by building a Mine nearby. It is used to create Copper.


Copper is created at a Smelter by burning Wood to melt Copper Ore. It has a variety of uses, such as weapons upgrades, and constructing some buildings (like statues).


Like Copper Ore, Limestone can be found in patches around the world, and is harvested through a Mine. It is primarily used to upgrade wall and tower health.