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Population Basics[edit]

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Idle and Working Population[edit]


Population Display[edit]

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Population Growth[edit]


When founding your first settlement some migrants will show up to help get your population up and running. These migrants will show up twice a year (in the spring and in the fall) as an event. If you have spare housing you will have the option to accept the migrants into your settlement as a free population. Once you have a total of 5 population the migrants will stop.

Growth and Food[edit]

Settlement populations will grow naturally as long as the settlement has enough food and spare housing. Different races have a different base rate, which is modified by the supply of food in the settlement. There are three levels of settlement hunger, and each has a different rate of population growth.

  • Starving - Less than 1 food per population, no population growth.
  • Hungry - Less than 2 food per population, population grows at half rate.
  • Well Fed - At least 2 food per population, population grows at the full rate.
Food is produced by bakeries.