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This wiki hopes to be the most comprehensive collection of information about Bronze Age the game. While remains the heart of the Bronze Age community, BronzeWiki aims to be the brains.

Around Version 1.3, Bronze Age hit over 1,000 cumulative downloads - We needed a place for the community to grow, without losing its familiar touch. CommodoreShawn launched the wiki a couple weeks after Version 1.3 to provide a community driven space to learn about the game, while Bronze Age Homepage and Community remained the hub of gameplay, support, and players.

This wiki is supported by Bronze Age players and was created by CommodoreShawn and RashGoneWrong. Bronze Age is published on, via direct download or client. You will be asked to create an account with Itch, so come and join the community and explore thousands of great small games.

Edits and Contributions[edit]

This wiki is still new and welcome all edits and new content! We ask that any changes to a page be requested on the corresponding Discussion page. Comments on should be signed with "~~~~", which will be converted into your signature (username) and a timestamp.

Feel free to create any new pages you like, but they will be monitored. Your content may be merged, changed, removed, condensed, and otherwise edited by Administrators.

Please refrain from adjusting or changing any wiki formatting (pictures, tables, etc.). This process will allow Administrators to keep the wiki looking neat and tidy, while making sure content from the community gets added.

Support Bronze Age and BronzeWiki[edit]

Feel free to support the game and the wiki at the same time through donations on at any time, or when you download the game.